I think the outrage over this is absolutely ridiculous. How many "roles" were there in this raid pre-patch? There is a relic person, shoot-the-oracles people, and open-the-gate-while-not-getting-exploded people. None of these different roles are very difficult to complete, and none of them require extensive… » 10/29/14 4:39pm Wednesday 4:39pm

Marvel’s Phase 3 Movies Will Be Its Riskiest, Most Important Ones Yet

It's seemed like there's been a perpetual tsunami of hype ever since the first Iron Man movie hit theaters years ago. But the announcements that Marvel made today about its upcoming slate of superhero movies included the names that some fans have been been waiting a long time to hear: Black Panther and Captain Marvel. » 10/28/14 5:00pm Tuesday 5:00pm

So far the ONLY thing that has kept me watching this show is seeing the penguin's rise to affluence. He is a great character, but that's been it so far (haven't watched episode 5 yet). Glad to hear that things seem to be getting better. I mean, I kept watching Agents of SHIELD and only the last quarter of the season… » 10/24/14 3:57pm 10/24/14 3:57pm