I realize that you eventually started to enjoy LoL, and I still need to read the rest of the article, but if you're looking for a game like that's 1. far easier to play/enjoy and 2. takes less time, you should look into Heroes of the Storm. The average game is around 20-30 minutes tops. Every now and then you'll play… » 2/27/15 12:48pm Yesterday 12:48pm

Guy Beats Fallout: New Vegas Without Ever Healing

After spending more than a thousand hours playing Fallout: New Vegas, a YouTuber called Many A True Nerd decided to do one more run of the game. But it wouldn't be any old type of playthrough. This run would be a challenge, even for a Fallout master that knows the game like the back of his hand. » 2/25/15 2:30pm Wednesday 2:30pm

The Most Unappreciated Platformers of the '90s

Super Mario World, Sonic The Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie — the number of platforming series and characters that rose to stardom in the '90s was notably the highest in gaming history. Truly a golden age. But for every new Mario game there was always a few lesser-known titles waiting in the wings. Those… » 2/25/15 11:00am Wednesday 11:00am