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Hi everyone!

My name is Matt “smi1ey” Dunn, formerly known as “mrsmiley” (no, not Mrs. Miley) in my days of running, involving myself in various Bungie shenanigans, and commentating pro Korean Starcraft matches. When all my MS accounts were stolen, I had to change my name. Thus, smi1ey was born. (Using numbers as letters is SOOO COOOL!)


I’ve been busy since those days. Several years ago I wrote and produced the Master Chief Theater 3000 Machinima series with Pyroman (among other things), and launched the now-dormant Pyrosmile Productions studio. Around 2009 I started writing for the recently-closed (a mobile gaming blog/podcast), which provided much of the writing and gaming industry experience I hope to bring to TAY.

Finally, I’m the lucky guy who had the Minecraft wedding Kotaku posted about a couple years ago. My wife is as big of a gamer as I am (as I write this she is in the other room trying to beat Ocarina of Time), so I’m hoping to be able to contribute some pieces about married gaming to TAY in the future. :D


Big thanks to GiantBoyDetective for giving me a shot as an author. I hope I don’t disappoint!

If you feel like contacting/following/stalking me, here is my various info:
Twitter: @thesmi1ey
XBL: the smi1ey
Steam: mrsmi1ey

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